Core Values

Since PSA is a student-run organization, we face annual turnover and organization turnover every four years. 

In order to mitigate the effects of this, we hope that our established community culture will help maintain the continuity and growth of each incoming class. 

We reward our students through promotion opportunities and additional compensation for taking on leadership roles! 

What do we value in our organization?

Prestigious Sustainable Accessible Passionate Supportive Adaptable

Penn Student Agencies holds SIX core pillars: 3 for our Organization and 3 for our Community. 

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William's Cafe Group

Our Organization Pillars

Our Community (People) Pillars


To maintain being a well-known organization to future employers and corporate partnerships and sponsors.


To sustain the organization and its businesses into the future while always adapting to the students on Penn’s campus and keeping social causes and the environment into consideration.


To remain an organization that allows any student (regardless of religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, work experience, etc. ) to be able to utilize our network, skill building, professional opportunities, and training that comes along with employment at PSA.


We look for students who are dedicated to personal and professional growth and strive to achieve their goals. They have demonstrated consistent dedication to their commitments and put forth a team effort. 


We look for students who enjoy working together as a team in a collaborative environment and to maintain our community on campus – one that is not just oriented professionally but also socially.


We look for students who innovate and develop the things around them not for the sake of change but for progress and forward mobility. They are also able to adjust to the ever changing markets and needs of the community around Penn Student Agencies.