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To our employees, PSA is much more than just a job. Being a part of PSA means taking advantage of a unique opportunity to learn crucial entrepreneurial, business management, and leadership skills found nowhere else on campus. Our employees have gone on to make immense impacts on the world using the lessons and abilities gained through their employment at PSA. Your support will mean continuing that important mission and furthering PSA since its historical founding in 1933. 

Why donate?

You’ll be making an impact on over 150 students in PSA and helping them gain the necessary management and entrepreneurial skills needed in today’s business landscape. Your support goes towards professional development, community engagement, and development opportunities for our students. 

How is my donation going to help?

Your generosity will greatly help PSA: 

  • Support leadership development opportunities
  • Foster a stronger team environment
  • Provide more means for our agencies to grow 
  • Expand its presence on campus

Where do I make my contribution?

To donate, click on the button below where you’ll be able to select a custom or pre-set amount to contribute. We greatly thank you for your generosity!