Corporate Services

Official Penn-branded merchandise!

 The Corporate Services agency provides ethically sourced, originally student-designed, affordable, and high-quality Penn merch. Elevate your Penn pride and explore our captivating collection, just a click away.

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Venture Incubator

Corporate Services coordinates with internal and external organizations and companies to promote their products and services, while also  serving as an Agency Venture Incubator! 
Over the years, our team has worked with renowned brands such as Balfour Class Rings, Kaplan Test Prep, and Storage Squad.  

Publicity Services

In addition to marketing for our vendor affiliates, we also offer marketing services to Penn departments and student groups, such as strategic postering and flyering on campus.
Please note that a request form must be submitted at least 5 business days before the posters will be delivered to our office, and we allow 10 business days to have the posters hung.


Pricing and Policies for Flyers and Posters

  • Corporate Services has a policy of not posting all of the posters at once, but rather they will be distributed over a period of time. This will ensure the maximum amount of people will see your advertisements over a longer period of time before your event.

External Companies we work with:

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Portfolio Support

The Corporate Services agency is unique in that it functions as an external agency while also providing internal support to every agency within the portfolio of Penn Student Agencies. In doing so, our Vice Presidents and Associates play a significant role in fostering a community that thrives on a spirit of collaboration to ensure an engaging work environment.  

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