Special Deliveries

We help the Penn community Celebrate Every Occasion!

Special Deliveries is dedicated to connecting Penn students with friends and family throughout the year. Our hand-delivered care packages are the perfect way to let your student know you’re thinking of them!

Show Your Student Some Love!

Care Packages!

From holiday season to finals season, we've got you covered.

Help your student celebrate the holidays (and survive finals season) with Special Deliveries' care packages! Our care packages come in a variety of options including Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Standard, and Deluxe. We do deliveries for ​Welcome Back, Halloween, Fall Finals, ​Valentine's Day, Springtime Surprise, and Spring Finals.

Care Package Delivery Dates:

Policy Statement

Comfort Care Packages

These packages are delivered directly to your student’s door within 24 hours of order! Note that we do NOT do weekend deliveries. Any orders placed Friday-Sunday will be delivered on Monday.

Any questions? Email madison.mccullough@pennstudentagencies.com

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