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Michael Warren II (he/him)
Michael Warren II (he/him) Program Manager
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Michael graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology concentrating in Law & Society. He is now pursuing his Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics, also at Penn. He is originally from Pittsburgh and before returning to Penn, he spent some time living in New York City working for a consumer wellness start-up.

During his undergraduate years at Penn, Michael discovered his innate passion for business and entrepreneurship as a devoted member of Penn Student Agencies (PSA). Now, as the Program Manager of PSA, he plays a pivotal role in molding the next generation of student entrepreneurs. His role is crucial in providing and supporting transferable skills development for students in the program, overseeing the overall operations & compliance, budgeting & financial procedures, and general administrative functions of the department.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael knows the importance of balance. He finds solace in the great outdoors, usually Wissahickon, with his two dogs, Nola & Gio!

About the Role

The Program Manager is responsible for the overall management and operation of all student-run businesses within Penn Student Agencies (PSA). The Program Manager is the direct supervisor of all student leadership and full-time staff, with indirect supervision of 80+ student staff. This role focuses on providing entrepreneurial/small business experiential training and mentorship for young adults while coaching them on: staff management; professional development training; administrative and HR responsibilities (recruiting, hiring, on-boarding); strategic marketing; customer service; and fiscal responsibility.

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About the Role

The Program Coordinator will support the academic and personal development of the undergraduate and graduate student community within Penn Student Agencies, aligned with divisional principles and departmental outcomes for student care, leadership, development, and engagement. Under the direction of the Program Manager, the Program Coordinator is responsible for the administrative, financial, and support operations of Penn Student Agencies.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete financial records, processing financial processes for each of the student-run businesses, and administering administrative needs such as hiring, onboarding, and timekeeping – ensuring integrity and compliance within budgetary units according to university policies, procedural safeguards, and relevant state, federal, and local laws. The Program Coordinator is directly responsible for implementation of the administrative and financial processes for each agency’s operational management, as well as support for central operations. The coordinator supports the orientation, training, and development of student roles focused on administrative and financial processes.

Bea Carag (she/her)
Bea Carag (she/her) Program Assistant
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines

Bea is an M.S.Ed in Education Entrepreneurship Candidate at the Graduate School of Education. She is currently on her own venture journey to create an accessible technology-forward digital school for teachers in Southeast Asia. She has worked in various roles in digital marketing, non-profit management, and education leadership prior to joining the Penn community. She grew up in the northern part of the Philippines, which is abundant with beautiful fields and beaches, which is why she particularly enjoys a variety of outdoor activities like cycling, running, golf, and scuba diving. She is looking forward to connecting and building with like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators who get a twinkle in their eye when faced with interesting problems and are seeking to make the world a little bit of a better place, one idea at a time.

About the Role

Reporting to the Program Manager of Penn Student Agencies, the Program GA will assist in the overall management and operation of all student-run businesses within PSA including hiring, onboarding, and training of student staff. This role will aid in creating the curriculum for entrepreneurial/small business experiential training and mentorship for students. There will also be opportunities for advising, coaching, and training students in day-to-day operations.

The Program GA will additionally work in a consultative capacity at the direction of the Program Manager as special projects are identified through the strategic planning process. Examples of projects could include policy and procedure creation/implementation; gathering student feedback and aiding in the assessment of the program; assisting the PM with strategic partnerships across campus; and facility operations. 

Former Beloved Staff <3

Amber Decker (She/Her)
Amber Decker (She/Her) Assistan
Albany, New York, USA
Ticora Bright
Ticora Bright Program Coordinator
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA