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University Professional Staff

Michael P. Warren II (he/him)
Michael P. Warren II (he/him) Program Manager of Penn Student Agencies
Sept. 2022 - Present

Michael graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology concentrating in Law & Society. He is now pursuing his Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics, also at Penn. He is originally from Pittsburgh and before returning to Penn, he spent some time living in New York City working for a consumer wellness start-up.

During his undergraduate years at Penn, Michael discovered his innate passion for business and entrepreneurship as a devoted member of Penn Student Agencies (PSA). Now, as the Program Manager of PSA, he plays a pivotal role in molding the next generation of student entrepreneurs. His role is crucial in providing and supporting transferable skills development for students in the program, overseeing the overall operations & compliance, budgeting & financial procedures, and general administrative functions of the department.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael knows the importance of balance. He finds solace in the great outdoors, usually Wissahickon, with his two dogs, Nola & Gio!

About the Role

The Program Manager is responsible for the overall management and operation of all student-run businesses within Penn Student Agencies (PSA). The Program Manager is the direct supervisor of all student leadership and full-time staff, with indirect supervision of 80+ student staff. This role focuses on providing entrepreneurial/small business experiential training and mentorship for young adults while coaching them on: staff management; professional development training; administrative and HR responsibilities (recruiting, hiring, on-boarding); strategic marketing; customer service; and fiscal responsibility.

Jonathon J. May, EdD (he/him)
Jonathon J. May, EdD (he/him) Associate Director of Student Engagement
May 2024 - Present

Jonathon graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia with a degree in Sociology and Religion, has a Master of Arts degree in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University, and a Doctor of Education degree from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Prior to joining Penn, Jonathon served as the Class Dean for 3rd & 4th year students at Allegheny College and as Director of Student Services at Larkin University.

Jonathon brings to Penn a wealth of experience in student affairs, as well as a proven track record of success in Student Engagement – skills that will prove invaluable in meeting departmental goals and objectives. Jonathon lives with his partner and their two cats (Donatella and Spud) in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. On the weekends you will find him tending his gardens and exploring the beautiful mountains and beaches that New Jersey has to offer.


About the Role

In his role, Jonathon will be responsible for supervising the Student Engagement Team, providing development and advisement to the Welcome Desk, Building Ambassador, and Penn Student Agencies teams, while also collaborating with colleagues across the university to provide student-focused programming for Houston Hall.

Former Beloved Staff <3

Amber Decker Haynes
Amber Decker Haynes Associate Director, CESD
Oct. 2022 - Jan. 2024
Ticora Bright
Ticora Bright PSA Financial Assistant
Jan. 2020 - Oct. 2023
Bea Carag
Bea Carag PSA Graduate Assistant
2023 - 2024 Academic Year
Kelly Hartman
Kelly Hartman Associate Director, Finance & Administration & Interim Program Manager
Oct. 2020 - Sept. 2022
Claire Williams
Claire Williams PSA Program Manager
Aug. 2015 - Oct. 2020
Deborah Fortunato
Deborah Fortunato Financial Assistant
Jan. 2015 - Aug. 2019
Audrey (Edmondson) Woods
Audrey (Edmondson) Woods PSA Program Manager
Apr. 2010 - Aug. 2015